Louisa Harrell

Blue Phoenix

Louisa Harrell, most commonly known as Blue Phoenix, began her media career in 2017 on a radio show called ‘Live From The Corner’, which was broadcasted from We Act Radio located in SE Washington, DC.

In the 3 years as a co-host on this show, she has interviewed artists, politicians, advocates, authors, comedians, and entrepreneurs. Having this experience helped her develop confidence in journalism and build relationships with many wonderful people.

Currently, she is the co-host of three podcasts- Herspiration Happy Hour, The No Filter Show, and Both Sides Of The Coin- where she, along with her co-host, shares her opinion on specific topics. They also deliver breaking news, updates on current events, promote local and national businesses and conduct interviews.

In addition to podcasting, Louisa is the Vice President of Red Vision Cinema and Photography. This company provides quality filming and photography services, and a movie production team equipped with directors, writers, and actors. With the many many hats Louisa wears, her favorite one is being a mom to 5 awesome children!